What We Do

Paul Andrews

As an organisation, family business is at the heart of what we do.  Take a look at what we are all about:

Sharing Best Practice
We have created an independent resource bank that contains hundreds of articles, pieces of research and insights associated with the challenges facing family firms.  We use our position to source all the latest content which is shared as widely as possible.  We constantly add to the knowledge bank and make it easy for family business owners, leaders and members find what they are looking for.

Creating Safe Places To Learn
All too often we hear the words ‘it’s lonely running a family business’ and ‘nobody understands what we are going through but by creating safe places to listen, ask questions and learn from peers we are helping address these concerns.

Hosting Innovative Events
We like to do things a little differently and as we understand the world of family business, run innovative events that make a real impact. Our ‘insight events’ and ‘family business road trips’ engage the family business community around the country with ‘behind the scenes tours’ with owners, sharing their insights in their place of work and our Global Family Business Summit that takes place annually in the Autumn is a week-long series of masterclasses and interviews business owners and leading consultants, experts and academics on all things family business too.

Our flagship national events, The Great British Family Business Conference, The Scottish Family Business Conference, The National Family Business Dinner and The National Family Business Of The Year Awards all bring everyone together in safe settings to network, learn, meet and celebrate.

Connecting The Community
Our network is global, bringing together family business members, leaders, directors, employees, next generation members, professional advisers and academics.  Our vision is simple, to create a global community of like-minded individuals to share their knowledge and insights with each other.  Where we can, we make introductions to help with individual and collective journeys that make a difference and even enable our members to do business together and be it through small dinners, peer groups or larger events, make sure that our community is widely connected.

Providing Bespoke Support
We support our member requests by providing content and introductions where appropriate, using our network to help address anything that is on the family business agenda.

Creating World Class Resources
From webinars to podcasts, research to insights, we are always seeking to raise the bar in terms of content available to our members, something that adds to the entrepreneurial nature of who we are – passionate about family businesses and all that they do.

Campaigns That Make A Difference
We created National Family Business Day that takes place in September each year and trends on social media, bringing together the community to celebrate all the great things that family firms do in contributing to the national economy and being a force for good.  Other initiatives include the UK’s only National Family Business Awards celebrating the very best of British family firms and we also share other campaigns to help family firms make a real impact.

Giving Family Businesses A Voice
Our national survey, polls and other content is written to champion the sector and give family firms a voice.  We are always publishing news and insights, conducting research and providing opportunities for the family business community to get involved.  Our annual survey does just that, our bespoke, printed ‘family business’ magazine showcases plenty of family firms in each issue and our other projects such as the ‘Oldest Family Firms’ demonstrate just how many firms have stood the test of time too.

Raising The Profile Of Family Firms
All that we do is driven at raising awareness of the significant contribution made by family firms collectively and individually in terms of income generated, wealth created, jobs provided, not forgetting the significant impact that family businesses have on communities the length and breadth of the country through all of their charitable endeavours too.  Our  members benefit directly through this activity too.

Championing Family Firms
Raising awareness of family firms, dispelling the myths surrounding them and demonstrating the values and purpose that underpin them is why we champion family firms each and  every day.


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