Paul Andrews

As an organisation we continue to put family firms at the centre of what we do and below are a selection of testimonials that confirm how our endeavours are received around the world:

“Bagnalls is a fifth generation family business and has been a member of FBU for several years. The support given by Paul and his team is invaluable, not only do we gain insights on the variety of family businesses that play such a vital part of our UK economy but we get so many occasions to network with each other to make us feel part of a true family community. Being members of such a positive organisation helps us keep in touch with all the latest on apprenticeships, the green agenda and family governance and much more.”
Joanne Gualda, Group Marketing Director, Bagnalls

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on a number of projects since being appointed Head of Family Business at Mazars almost 2 years ago. His commitment and passion to the Family Business sector are so evident in all that he does, the FBU community is not only growing in numbers but also in resources, which are invaluable to all members of a Family Business (and their advisers). Paul is a great ambassador and networker, he connects businesses and individuals so that skills and knowledge can be shared, thereby helping the wider community. The recent national FBU conference was a complete interactive digital experience and it was great to see how Paul is continuing to innovate and add value.”
Natalie Wright, Partner & Head of UK Family Business at Mazars in UK 

“Paul is one of the leading practitioners in the family business space. He knows all the key actors, and has been brining the family business community together for many years in an exceptional way!”
Edouard Thijssen, Co-Founder and CEO at TrustedFamily.com 

“Paul has championed the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) Family Business sector for two decades. The voice of Family business has been growing as it represents 1/3rd of the UKs GDP. With some 5,000 Family businesses across the UK, they have required there voice heard in Government as well as to learning from each other. Paul has been a crucial facilitator in both, particularly Peer to Peer learning. Family owners often feel isolated running their organisations. Paul thorough his online media and many business meetings & conferences and social gatherings has enabled best practise to be widely shared across the UK.”
Alastair Macphie,  Chairman Macphie ltd, Chairman Glenbervie Wind ltd and owner Glenbervie Estate

“Paul is one of the most active and responsible people spreading the word about family business issues in the UK and beyond. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him on several occasions, as a presenter, editor, and as conference organizer. His devotion and professionalism make him one of the must-see references nowadays for any family looking for curated and updated information, as well as for those specialists who want support with enthusiasm and companionship.” 
Guillermo Salazar,  Founder & Managing Director at Exaudi Family Business Consulting

“I have known and worked with Paul over the last 15 years and commend him as a true champion in our field. He has worked tirelessly to bring resources, speakers, and connections to family businesses in England and throughout the world. He is as generous as he is committed to our field and a true pleasure to work with.”
Greg McCann, Executive Coach & Consultant, McCann & Associates and Generation6

“Paul has a wealth of knowledge and insight into the family business sector. He really does understand what makes family businesses tick and what keeps their owners awake at night. Paul is a strong advocate of the importance of this community to the UK economy and to society in general.”
Lyn Calder, Managing Partner, Edinburgh and Head of Deals, Central Scotland, AAB

“Paul has a wealth of insight and expertise when it comes to the family business sector and is a true champion of their community. We recently invited Paul to share his thoughts with our clients and connections on how those in family business have adapted and risen to overcome some of the particular challenges that the last year has seen. It was a truly inspiring talk with the resilience of the sector coming through strongly. We have received some wonderful feedback and are very much looking forward to future collaborations with Paul.” 
Alison Fitzsimons, Evelyn Partners

“Paul is an incredible advocate for family businesses. He works ceaselessly to promote the economic contribution of family firms. He can always be relied upon to offer insightful input, provide fantastic advice and valuable introductions to useful resources. He is a true stalwart of the family business sector.”
Grant Georgiades, Managing Director at The Plan Group

“It’s always a pleasure to see Paul’s passion commitment and energy in service of family businesses. Whether it’s putting on events, connecting families or simply visiting the businesses, he champions this sector like no one else and it has been a joy to be part of this. It’s is evident that family businesses have got a huge amount of value from being part of FBU and that paul is a much loved character, welcome in every family he touches.”
Kevin Chapman, High Performance Coach

“I have only met Paul in person once, but I keep running into him online at every turn. He is the epitome of a Champion of the #FamBiz world, and if there were more people like Paul in this space it would be even better. But alas, he seems to be “one-of-a-kind.  I recall that when I met him years ago, he described himself as a “Family Business Junkie”, which I thought was odd at the time. Since then, having seen his consistent work to improve the #FamBiz part of the world, I can only agree that his self-labelling is apt.”

“I’m proud to call him a friend as well and I’m always happy to support his work, as he also supports mine. This field of #FamBiz and serving those who inhabit it could use more people like Paul, who live and breathe this world. He also has a very high “give-a-sh*t” factor, which I always admire in people. ”
Steve Legler, MBA, FEA

“Paul is an out and out ambassador for the Family Business sector. He has made it his mission to support and promote the sector, something he does with a passion. He has greatly assisted our family business, Sound Leisure Ltd, on many occasions and I would recommend him unreservedly to anyone.
Chris Black, M.D Sound Leisure

“Paul is an excellent communicator, connector and contributor to all things to do with family business. He has been a great help to both me and to us, as a family business at Arbikie Distillery with Family Business United.”
Iain A Stirling, Co-Owner Arbikie Distillery & Experience

“Paul is a highly effective champion of family businesses, with a wide knowledge and network. He understands both the Micro issue and the macro policy agenda which policy makers need to face as it affects such a crucial section of every economy.”
David Harvey, Strategy and Public Policy Leader

“Paul has deep knowledge of family business and the related dynamics. Underpinned by his expertise in social media and communications he has made a powerful contribution to driving greater awareness of the issues facing family firms promoting best practice as well as the strategic importance of the sector to our national wealth.”
Grant Gordon OBE, Philanthropist & Social Entrepreneur

“Paul has been instrumental in driving forward the profile of family businesses in the UK, working in a number of different roles and with partners across the UK and Internationally. Paul and I have worked together to build the profile of family businesses in Scotland and his expertise has been invaluable in the development of this.”
Professor Emerita, Family Business, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh