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Family Charters Are An Effective Part Of Governance

What is a family charter and how can it help a family in business together? Read More

How The Role Of The Family Office Has Changed Over Time

Good insight into the purpose of the family office and how the role has changed over time. Read More

Three Essential Ingredients Of Family Governance

Excellent family governance has played a key part in successful family firms for generations, and there are three vital ingredients Read More

Wise Business Plans Help Family Businesses & Families Stay Strong

Careful planning doesn't just show that you've done your due diligence - it's a sign of respect. Read More

A Brief Guide To Family Governance

A crucial question - is it more about business governance or is governance in the family more important? Read More

Could Flexible Working Be Good For Your Family Firm?

Could flexible working practices enhance the competitive advantage of your family firm?  Read More

Failures Coming For Australian Family Firms?

David Harland from FINH explains why many of Australia's family businesses are setting themselves up to fail within the next decade Read More

Future Proofing, Or How One Family Business Ended Up In Court

Leading family business consultants, Family Business Solutions, comment on a case in the High Court which left a family, and its business, in disarray. Read More

A Shareholders Agreement...

An insight into the reasons why the introduction of a shareholders agreement could be beneficial to the family firm. Read More

Thanksgiving - A Constitutional Affair

In 14 words the son defined the value, recognition and importance of the family constitution and without even a flinch the whole family had committed to its development. Read More

Formalising The Family Firm At Al Majdouie Group

Focusing on the future at the Al Majdouie Group, one of the biggest transport and logistics firms in the Middle East. Read More

Getting Remuneration Right!

Salaries, bonuses and dividends added to roles and responsibilities can create a heady mix for a family business to deal with. Read More

New Jobs At Willowbrook Fine Foods

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Arlene Foster has announced a £2.3million investment by Willowbrook Fine Foods and 55 new jobs in Killinchy. Read More

Creating Governance Structures

Establishing and maintaining a governance structure can help provide for the future stability of the family and the business. Read More

Stewards Or Inheritors In Asian Family Firms?

The different belief systems and practices within single Asian families and the confusion they create. Read More