THU 28TH MAY 2020


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Latest survey on successful governance practice

Coutts reveals how family business owners can improve the odds of successful succession Read More

Family Businesses Are Less Likely To Fail Than Big Business According To Latest Research

Family firms are usually made up of a well functioning and diverse board of directors. Read More

Examining Ownership Of The Asian Family Business...

Christian Stewart examines the ownership role in a family owned business in Asia. Read More

Competitive Strengths Of Family Businesses

Recent research reveals the aspects of family business that provides competitive advantage in the marketplace Read More

The Purpose Of The Family Council

The Family Council is the crucible in which the hard realities of business and the soft complexities of the family are blended into a coherent vision Read More

Increasing Popularity Of Family Charters

Family charters are becoming increasingly popular. But what are they, and what can they do to enhance your business? Read More

Successful Succession Is By No Means An Impossibility

Making a success of succession is not, by any means, impossible... Read More

The Succession Paradox

Succession in terms of business leadership confronts a family business founder with a complex set of issues. Read More

Why Should You Have A Family Constitution?

Over time a Family Constitution can gain such moral weight that contradiction becomes unthinkable. Read More

The Family Council

Instituting a family council can be a significantly positive step toward managing the business in a more rational and professional manner. Read More

The Family Constitution

The family constitution is a written document that lists the mission, vision, and purpose of the firm. Read More

What Makes A Good Family Business Board Chair?

Six tenets that help to make a great family business board chair. Read More

Preparing your land for sale or security

Property is a key asset for many family farms but legal issues need to be addressed Read More

Keep Governance Simple

New legislation will force business to rethink how they govern their firms. Read More

Don't Let Conflict Hit The Family Firm

Manage the family and business boundaries to prevent disputes escalating Read More