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Wealth Trends - September 2011

Wealthy families are continuing to live in the shadow of uncertainty but strategic issues need addressing. Read More

Dispelling The Myths Of The Family Office

Clarifying some of the issues that surround the concept of the family office Read More

How The Role Of The Family Office Has Changed Over Time

Good insight into the purpose of the family office and how the role has changed over time. Read More

Yachts And Motor Boats, Protecting Your Assets

Significant wealth goes into the purchase of a yacht or a motor boat so what needs to be considered when it comes to insurance Read More

Classic Car Performance Boosts Luxury Investment Index

Classic cars have shown the strongest growth across all asset classes. Read More

Reasons For Setting Up A Family Office

Servicing family businesses from start-ups to family offices Read More

How Do You Buy Art Wisely?

Buying well is key to successful art investment and is a delicate balance between aesthetic appreciation and financial savvy.  Read More

The Meaning Of Wealth In The 21st Century

What matters most to high net worth families is giving their wealth a purpose. Read More

Five Best Practices For The Single Family Office

Five family office practices to preserve and protect the family Read More

Key Questions to Ask When Setting Up a Family Office

It seems to be very fashionable to use the term “family office” in the private client world these days. Yet, a lot of questions surround just what that is and what it entails.  Read More

Challenges And Opportunities Facing The Indian MFO Industry

MFO service providers emerging in India to meet the needs of the country’s ultra affluent family firms Read More

Should We Have A Family Office?

A family is likely to consider a number of alternatives before finally deciding on the bespoke model of its own family office. Read More

Managing Family Reputation

Reputational risk is a key concern for many family firms.  Alistair Morgan explains some of the considerations as to how families can manage their reputations. Read More

Jelf Group Acquisition Trail Moves South

Family owned business Libra Insurance Services Ltd will trade as ‘Jelf Insurance Brokers (incorporating Libra Insurance Services)’ following acquisition. Read More

Counter-Striking A Dirty Tricks Campaign

Rod Christie-Miller of Schillings explains how to protect your online reputation. Read More