TUE 18TH FEB 2020


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Succession Planning Considerations

One of the main challenges facing family businesses the world over is succession planning, the successful transition from one generation of the family to the next.  Read More

Are You Frustrated With Your Next Generation?

Many senior generation family business members report that they’re frustrated, even disillusioned, with their potential successors. Read More

Succession Reset. Succession in the 21st Century

Succession in family business has been redefined in the 21st century.  Latest research findings. Read More

The Family Business System. A Robust Model for Saudi Succession.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced updates two weeks ago to the royal line of succession and to senior leadership in the Saudi state.  Read More

Difficulties Of Buy-Sell Agreements

Wayne Rivers explores some of the reasons buy-sell agreements are so difficult to craft and implement. Read More

Family Business Transfers Wealth To Next Generation

Good insight into the challenges of wealthy families, succession and the next generation. Read More

The Need For Open Dialogue With Your Kids

It's  Father’s Day again and Gary Deans, KPMG’s Head of Family Business, advises family business owners to have open discussions about their succession plans Read More

How To Successfully Pass On Your Family Business

Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez gives 6 tips on succession  Read More

Nine Reasons Family Firms Defer Succession Planning

The ongoing challenges associated with succession and why family businesses fail to do succession planning. Read More

Family Business Succession Seminar

Generational transition and the challenges associated with succession planning is one of the main challenges facing family firms in Scotland today. Read More

Gardens & Stewardship: Sharing Values Across Generations

Next generation challenges and stewardship explained in the context of gardening with the next generation! Read More

Is Succession Planning Overrated?

Interesting insight as new paper identifies that succession can work well with no planning whatsoever! Read More

Family Control The Toyota Way

Good insight into the way the family has maintained control despite a small stake in the business today. Read More

Scottish Succession Law – Part I

The challenges facing succession and the family business in Scotland.  Where are we now and where are we going? Read More

There Shall Be No Family Business Coronation

Thoughts on company leadership transitions and some of the logistical and emotional issues that any transition entails. Read More