TUE 18TH FEB 2020


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There Shall Be No Family Business Coronation

Thoughts on company leadership transitions and some of the logistical and emotional issues that any transition entails. Read More

‘Digital Natives’ Set To Lead Family Businesses

A digital mindset & entrepreneurial culture combining to revive interest in younger generations in taking on family firms. Read More

The Ticking Succession Time Bomb!

Ask these tough questions about succession planning before it's too late! Read More

Business Succession Planning: The Time is Now

Business succession planning is vitally important to ensuring a smooth transition. Fortunately, there are many options to consider when structuring a plan that is right for each business. Read More

Scottish Succession Law – Part II

Scottish succession law under review with clarification and modernisation too.  Here is an insight into some of the changes. Read More

The Family Business Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera

Jacoline Loewen looks at some of the things to consider when creating a succession plan to remove some of the challenges that can escalate if leaft unresolved. Read More

The Chinese Succession Model: A Precarious Event

For thousands of years Chinese rulers have wanted to build dynasties. And in Asia, family businesses remain a tradition. But something new is happening in Chinese family firms. Read More

Now Is The Time For Succession Planning

An insight into the challenges specifically facing family business owners in the US. Read More

UK Family Businesses - Doing It For The Kids?

Managing the policies and procedures of a family firm can be fraught with difficulties but they can be overcome as Sally Ashford explains. Read More

China – Is There A Succession Crisis?

Former US Ambassador to China, Gary Locke’s return to the USA sparked a question about family business in China and how it compares to family business operations in the United States. Read More

Succession Dilemmas & Myths

Succession is a term used by many people for many different things.  Here we look at what succession is all about, some of the challenges and some of the myths too! Read More

10 Important Points When Considering Business Transition

What is the best approach for a successful business transition?  Here re ten things that family business owners should cosnider carefully. Read More

Game Theory Could Help The Next Generation

When it comes to succession, education and governance are important, but maybe a little bit of game theory should also be on the curriculum. Read More

The Family Buyout: Tips for Success

In the life cycle of a family business, one common event is the purchase by one or several family members of the interests in the business held by other family members.  Read More

The Top Five Pitfalls of Succession

Succession in a family business is an emotional process as much as an ownership transition.  Keep these pitfalls in mind to increase the chances of achieving the success you seek. Read More