TUE 18TH FEB 2020


Bringing the family business community together


The Succession Process

Never has there been a more crucial time to take a closer look at the issue of succession, especially in the Middle East. Read More

Who Gets Dad's Office?

Practical insight into who will be next, when the transition will take place, and how that successor will be groomed to make the move smoother. Read More

Succession Planning for Family Businesses: Preparing for the Next Generation

Succession Planning for Family Businesses is a collaborative effort by three authors with vastly different types of family business experience. Read More

Shirtsleeves To Shirtsleeves In Three Generations

Fewer than one-third of families who gain wealth maintain it to the grandchildren. This is even more astonishing when you learn that all of those families have a wealth preservation plan. Read More

Succession Becoming A Costly Affair For Many Family Firms

Considering the challenge of succession as the next generation have choices to make Read More

Family Business Succession In The Arab World

Turning the challenge of succession into an opportunity for Middle Eastern family businesses Read More

Daughters Taking Over The Family Firm From Dad

Looking at the issues and challenges associated with father to daughter transitions. Read More

Wealth Succession Report

Latest report into breaking the wealth taboo and making succession a success Read More

A Reality Check for All Of The Generations!

The life cycle of a family business and the implications for all the generations involved. Read More

A Practical Guide for the Next Generation

The continuing success of family firms relies on ensuring that the Next Generation are motivated to take up the challenge and become engaged. This guide provides practical information to young family members as they step up to their responsibilities. Read More

Australian Family Businesses - Succession Tipping Point...

Can Australian family businesses learn from their Asian counterparts when it comes to Transition? Read More

Will Your Children Follow You?

An insight into the need for marketing the family firm to the younger generation as both a career and a rewarding way to involve family in one’s daily life.  Read More

Keeping Family Governance Simple

Good governance systems encourage families to communicate and work together more effectively, and they’re pivotal to family business success Read More

Unlocking Value For The Older Generation

Balancing the need to pay for retirement and cashing in on their hard work and handing over the reins to the next generation. Read More

What Will You Do After The Funeral?

No one likes to think of it. No one wants to imagine what life would be like if we were to have to go on without our spouses, best friends, and lovers.  Read More