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Bringing the family business community together

Leicestershire Family Business Day 2018

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Join us in a day when we celebrate the contribution that family firms across Leicestershire make to the UK economy and beyond.

Family firms are the backbone of communities across the UK and Leicestershire is no exception.  Here at Family Business United ('FBU') we want to create a day of celebration, providing a voice for family firms in the region to embrace their history and heritage and share their success.

As an award-winning magazine and resource centre for the fanilly business community we continue to raise awareness of the sector, the work family firms do and above all to dispel the myths that exist.  Family businesses employ thousands of people in the Leicestershire, generate jobs, wealth and tax revenues and in many cases are the core that holds the community together.

Get involved with Leciestershire Family Business Day 2018 on social media using the hashtag #LeicsFamilyBizDay2018, send your news stories to paul@familybusinessunited.co.uk and get in touch if we can assist in any other way.

Let's make #LeicsFamilyBizDay2018 a day to remember!

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