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Family Biz Chat - Next Generation

Date: 12th February 2016 Price: £0

Join Family Business United for the next interactive family business events on twitter when the discussion is on the next generation.

Our next #FamilyBizChat will be on the topic of the next generation with views, insights and thought leadership on the topic from those that have been through the process, are beginning the conversation and those that advise families every step of the way.

Friday 12 February - 3pm

Our #FamilyBizChat series is aimed at the entire family business sector, from the small to the large irrespective of sector, geographical location or generation involved.  Family firms often feel that they are alone with manyfamily business owners telling us that they feel isolated with nobody to talk to, wrongly assuming that nobody has dealt with the challenges that they are facing.  

We want to provide a fourm to share ideas and help families deal with their day-to-day issues and concerns and are tackling succession first and foremost as this is the are that many struggle - some afraid to broach the subject to the older generation, some not knowing how to begin the conversation and others not sure what the process actually entails.

Questions to be covered during this hour long interactive debate include:

  • How do you engage with the next generation?
  • Is there interest in joining the family business?
  • How do you start the conversation?
  • Should external experience be gained before joining the family firm?
  • When should the education/learning process begin?
  • How do you make sure the next generation have the right skills for the business?
  • How do you bring the next generation up to speed?
  • Does and MBA assist in development of the next generation?

We would love you to join the debate and share your views, insights and experiences.  Please follow @FamilyBizPaul on twitter who will be leading this debate and use the hashtag #FamilyBizChat with your tweets on the day to join the conversation.

Join us from 3-4pm on Friday 12 February for an engaging discussion about the next generation in the family business.

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