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Study Links International

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About Study Links International

Study Links is a guardianship service provider and placement organisation.

Study Links is a guardianship service provider and placement organisation. We act as guardian to international students studying in the UK, arranging accommodation with caring English homestay families whilst they are studying in the UK. We also offer an education consultancy service, dedicated to placing international students in the best schools in the UK.

We are devoted to the progression of our students, and are passionate about their care and education. At Study Links, we understand that there are many routes to success, and so we offer an array of high-quality services, throughout the UK, ensuring that we always meet your particular needs. We speak 8 languages, and having provided education consultancy and services for students of all abilities and nationalities, we are equipped and willing to handle all requests.

We are thorough in our approach to each individual’s welfare, and we work alongside the best schools in the uk to ensure the education provided is accessible and beneficial to the individuals under our care. The Study Links’ team personal experiences of studying in the UK help inform this approach.

We truly value our students, and because we believe that the foundation of any relationship is trust, respect and understanding, we are careful to foster positive and open relationships, which in turn help to keep our students motivated. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that our students feel able to call upon us for advice, guidance and support whenever they need to.