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Harrison Spinks Ltd

Business Address: Harrison Spinks Ltd, Westland Road, Leeds LS11 5SN

Country: England,

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About Harrison Spinks Ltd

Family business manufacturing luxury handmade pocket spring mattresses in Yorkshire since 1840. Awarded two Queen's Awards in 2013.

Harrison Spinks have been manufacturing luxury mattresses since 1840 and through their components division, have designed and invented specialist patented high density miniature pocket springs for alternative markets including upholstery, car seats, office furniture, footwear and baby mattresses. The spring designs are so unique that the company develops and manufactures the machines that the springs are produced on ‘in house’.

Through investing strategically in people, research, design and development the company has been able to re-define how wire is sourced and utilised within the springs. Unique springs coupled with the development and sourcing of new filling materials has allowed the company to revolutionise sprung comfort with a variety of applications.

The company’s success was recognised in 2013 by the award of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for Innovation and the other for Sustainable Development. The Leeds based company is believed to be the first UK bed manufacturer to have won two such awards in the same year. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are only awarded for the highest levels of excellence and are made annually by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.