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Frederick Douglas Performing Arts

Business Address: 52 Trinity Road, Halstead, Essex CO9 1EB


Country: England,

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About Frederick Douglas Performing Arts

Fred`s is a performing Arts Academy that brings the Art of performance to children aged 5-16 and takes Musical Movement into Nursery settings and Care homes.

Fred’s was founded by Deborah Marks nine years ago in Northamptonshire and has recently relocated to Essex to pass on all her experience and knowledge. We are an independent business that brings Performing Arts and musical movement to the local community.  We run a Stage School on a Saturday morning for children aged 4 to 16 and provide tutors that take music and movement into nursery settings, schools and care homes.

Our tutors have a wealth of Performing Arts experience that helps to bring out the best in our students. All our tutors hold a DBS Certificate and have a First Aid qualification. There are many personal benefits to getting involved with dance and drama, particularly for people who are shy, as one of the main benefits is that Performing Arts boosts your confidence. Encouraging your children to take part will open doors socially and will allow your children to make new friends more easily.