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Arthur David

Business Address: Arthur David, Hillside Farm, Bishop Sutton, Bristol, BS39 5XR

Country: England,

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About Arthur David

Arthur David, 'Food with Service' offer a wide range of seasonal, fresh produce carefully selected and delivered to your door from their base in the South West.

Arthur David offer a wide range of seasonal, fresh produce carefully selected and delivered to your door from their base in the South West.

The company was founded in 1962 and although three generations of the “David” family are involved you don’t have to be a “David” to feel and be a part of things, we consider each and every one of our team to be part of the family too…and if you’re a customer that includes you!

Many of our customers have been with us since our earliest days and we really think of them as both friends and family. Ultimately we all share the same goal, to give our customers, whoever they are, the very best service experience…so, as we said above, welcome to our family, and we hope you enjoy getting to know us… 

The story so far…

Arthur David is a Somerset man born and bred. He started his working life in farming, but moved to the big city of Bristol to marry Diana and joined her family in their fresh produce business. It wasn’t long before he realised that he’s found his niche in Fruit and Veg. and in 1962 he branched out on his own with A. David and Co.

After several years based in central Bristol Arthur was able to realise a dream, to return to his rural roots and and move the business back to the beautiful Chew Valley, where the company is now. The move not only gave the business a new base, it allowed the company to grow its own produce, often supplying products unavailable at market.

Since then the company has grown continuously, with Arthur always looking for the next product or service to offer his customers.  He was the first in the region to offer prepared vegetables and the company now has a state of the art preparation plant in Bishop Sutton. It’s said that you can’t go 10 minutes in Bristol without seeing one of our brightly liveried delivery vans!

Arthur’s core value of exceptional customer service is one that Phil David, Arthur’s son, continues to hold to. Phil has inherited his father’s entrepreneurial ability and is quick to introduce game changing innovations to ensure the business is offering its customers just what they want. Recently this been seen in the introduction of an extensive range of Fine Foods, with clients being able to place orders for next day delivery up to 11pm.

Phil ensures that the business operates to the highest standards. He recognises that great people deliver great service, and he’s built a strong team to ensure that A David (recently renamed Arthur David, Food with Service Ltd.) remains the industry leader, worthy of its founder and of the BRC A Grade accreditation it carries. Jon Evans, joint MD with Phil, shares Phil’s passion for customer service, even having the company’s mantra, “Leave it with us” tattooed on his arm!If you’re looking for advice, innovation or just great service, give us a call and…

“Leave it with us”