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Thatchers Cider Company Ltd

Business Address: Thatchers Cider Company Ltd, Myrtle Farm, Sandford, Somerset BS25 5RA

Country: England,

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About Thatchers Cider Company Ltd

For more than a hundred years the Thatcher family has been quietly perfecting the magic that turns apples into cider.

We’ve been making cider for over 100 years and the world around us has changed quite a bit.

Each generation has passed on their secrets of cider making, like encouraging bees to pollinate apple blossom, or looking after the 150 year old oak vats where the cider matures.

Each generation has brought their own positive change to Thatchers, whether that was Stan’s commitment to making old-fashioned draught farmhouse cider, or Martin and John’s innovations with single variety ciders.

Caring about cider runs in the family and people who love cider can taste the care that goes into every single drop.

As our fourth generation cider maker, Martin keeps an eye on the whole operation, from the orchards and cidermaking through to how and where we sell our ciders.

We’re a family passionate about Myrtle Farm, the orchards and the craft of cider making.