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Unleash Your Family Business DNA

30th October 2017 Reg Athwal

Building a family legacy that lasts generations.

Global family business advisor and authority Reg Athwal delivers the ultimate how-to guide, drawing upon his extensive global expertise and international research. Athwal shares with you the basics relevant to all first-generation entrepreneurs who are thinking about their next generation, combined with insights for well-established family firms who need to understand the pitfalls and legacy blockages that prevent 97% of family businesses from lasting beyond the 4th generation.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • About your "DNA Profile" and how it impacts other family members, professional teams and your overall business
  • How to build family structures and create the right job roles aligned to multi-generational challenges and your succession planning needs
  • How to build a family vision and values charter
  • How to evaluate your human capital and build world-class dream teams with 90% accuracy so your business assets continue to grow.



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