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The Family Business Whisperer

8th August 2016 Dave Specht

Specht shares his real life stories of consulting with some of America’s oldest and largest family businesses in an effort to provide clarity on your next steps in your business succession journey.

The world is facing one of the greatest eras of business transitions in history. These events can be stressful and dangerous to the future of family relationships and the business. Is your family ready for the ownership and management transitions that will need to take place?

Dave Specht in The Family Business Whisperer tackles some of the top issues that cause these plans to stall or not take place at all. He shares his secrets to making the planning process more intuitive through his use of Inspired Questions-For Family Business.

The end results of proper transition planning are preserving family relationships, perpetuating business legacies and helping communities to thrive.

“It is not usual to find a tool like this: a book addressed to family businesses that synthesizes in few pages all of the experience, knowledge and solutions to every-day situations the way that a Dave does”
Guillermo Salazar, President- Exaudi Family Business Consulting

"Dave Specht poses questions that business-owning families often don't know how to address. His spot-on, down-to-earth language makes THE FAMILY BUSINESS WHISPERER a valuable guide."
Pat Frishkoff, Retired Founder of the Austin Family Business Program at Oregon State University

"If you work for a family business and are struggling with succession planning, the day to day interactions or how to prepare for difficult situations, this book will help ease those tensions."
Betsy Grindlay, Speedway Motors

Are you certain that your business is positioned to stay in the family for another generation? Have you confronted the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions of management and ownership succession? If you answered no to any of these questions, you are not alone. It is for this purpose that, "The Family Business Whisperer" was written.

In this book you will discover the key pitfalls that families face with generational business transitions and you will come away with strategies to help you in your own succession process. The Family Business Whisperer is an actionable guide to help begin discussions and get your family started on this important journey.

While The Family Business Whisperer offers no silver bullet guarantees, it does provide questions, processes and a framework to get started on being intentional about, "Preserving Your Family and Perpetuating Your Business." Your family, your business and your community are counting on you. You can do it and "The Family Business Whisperer" can help!

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