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The Solutionist Guide For Family Business

29th January 2016 Jon Kenfield

This is a book about the Holy Grail of Family Business: creating lasting peace AND prosperity for families in business. 

My goal is to help families, from first to umpteenth generations, do a better job of leading, managing and sustaining both their families and their businesses - through their generations.

The information, insights and strategies described are also useful for a wide range of other family business stakeholders - from external family members to non-family employees and professional advisers; from trade and industry associations to politicians and governments. My aim is to help improve the quality, effect and value of their interface with the single most significant, separately identifiable segment of modern day commercial society - family business.

I also wrote this book to guide family businesses on their journey - to help them think more constructively and confidently about their situations, and to inspire them to work harder and more effectively to achieve their personal and collective visions and goals. It may even start a whole new family-life journey for them Jon Kenfield Melbourne, Australia

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