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Growing The Future Of Australia’s Family Businesses

11th September 2013 Paul Andrews

The results of the 2012 PwC global family business survey.

Findings from the PwC global family business survey which looks at the issues and challenges facing family firms across Australia.  Detailed analysis, findings and insights from family business owners and detailed analysis too.

Australian family businesses know they play an important role in the economy, but don’t believe this is recognised by their Government. They think there are unfair obstacles that threaten the long term competiveness of family businesses.

Family businesses want Government to level the playing field in regards to accessing finance, and removing the tax advantages enjoyed by (public) corporations.

The need to innovate was identified as a key challenge in the years ahead, and another area where Government or other bodies could potentially help to support family businesses.

Family businesses in Australia appear well placed in terms of the procedures they have in place to tackle family conflict although only two per cent think family conflict will be a challenge over the next five years.

To read the full findings, download your copy of the full report today.

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