Next Generation Intelligence

Family Business United is always looking at ways to support the family business community and are delighted to be launching a new collated resource offering to support the next generation of family members in their journey.

This resource, aptly entitled ‘Next Generation Intelligence’ will provide a quarterly, collated pack of content for anyone in the next generation considering joining their family business, working in the family business or engaging in or aspiring towards leadership and management roles within their family firm.

Each issue will include the latest insights and thought leadership pieces to help in the next generation family business quest and comprise items such as:

  • Articles
  • Insights
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Research
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Recommended reading

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, “Each pack will be distributed digitally on a quarterly basis, providing the next generation with an opportunity to read, reflect and take stock of where they are at.  Links to content will be provided to stimulate thoughts on all things next generation with the fact that it has already been collated saving time and effort searching for resources. Here at FBU we have access to the leading content from around the world and know that collating it quarterly will provide a great resource for the next generation of family business owners, employees and leaders.”

“The next generation are all on a journey and we understand many of the unique challenges they face – deciding whether to join the family firm, gaining a voice when they have done so, their quest for legitimacy and reflecting on the value that they can bring.  We believe that by taking the effort out of the search process and collating a pack of useful and challenging content on a quarterly basis, we can help the next generation challenge and develop their thoughts, gain an understanding of the tools and approaches to dealing with the challenges they face and develop their own approach to specific situations,” continues Paul.

“It also provides us with a great opportunity to share knowledge and resources more widely with the future generation of family business leaders, helping them to plan for the future, their roles and responsibilities and to stimulate their thoughts as they consider the next steps in their family business journey too,” concludes Paul.

This forms part of a series of activities, tools and resources that we have to assist the next generation members of family businesses.  Simply complete and submit the form below to start the application process to become a ‘Next Generation Intelligence’ subscriber for only £75 plus VAT a year.

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