THU 28TH MAY 2020


Bringing the family business community together

Governance Practices In GCC Family Firms

Joint research report published by The Pearl Initiative and PwC based on governance practices in GCC family firms. Full Article

Open To Broader Financing Options

Latest research highlights that there is a willingness by family firms to consider alternative sources of finance for their business. Full Article

Staying Power: Creating Lasting Success?

A global survey of the world’s largest family businesses that highlights some of the characteristics of firms planning to be around for the dura... Full Article

Togetherness In Indian Family Businesses

Latest research report from the Indian School of Business on trying to understand 'togetherness' in the family business Full Article

Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Key Findings From The Family Business Road Trip 2015

Family Business United is delighted to showcase some of the key findin... Full Article

Other Publications

Family Businesses Struggling To Find External Finance

Latest global KPMG research shows mismatch between family-owners’ wants and needs from external investors Read More

The Contribution of Family Businesses in Northern Ireland

The BDO Centre for Family Business and Queen’s University Management School are collaborating in a two-stage, eighteen month long project investigating family businesses within Northern Ireland. Read More

10 Steps For Family Office Internet Security

New White Paper explains how family offices can mitigate risk with ten steps towards greater internet security. Read More

The Care Sector - What Does The Future Hold?

Attention-grabbing reports tend to focus on negative stories and are not necessarily an accurate assessment of the realities on the ground.  What does the future of care look like? Read More

Appointing A Non-Executive Director

A business guide for entrepreneurs and family business owners  Read More

Bridging The Gap

The latest research into next generation challenges from PwC. Read More