MON 25TH MAY 2020


Bringing the family business community together

Study Of Family Owned Enterprises

30th November -0001 Paul Andrews

An academic research project into family firms in the Dominican Republic.

Family business are the types of companies that predominate in the Dominican Republic and in the world. These, so are bound to our economic and social life that we cannot escape to its presence in any of our daily activities. In our country, most family businesses are born of opportunity and a personal commitment and investment of the entrepreneurs and their relatives. For example, a couple manages to save and open a store. Growing up, the children of the family learn the business. After school they are seen behind the counter or helping to receive merchandise. The success of the family business is an economic bastion for a large number of Dominican companies and for a major portion of the world.

Download an insight into family firms in the Dominican Republic undertaken by PUCMM for Grant Thornton.


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