Oldest Family Businesses In The South West

Paul Andrews

Family Business United conducted the inaugural research into the oldest family firms in the South West and the updated list is published below  Due to the very nature of reporting requirements and there being no need to disclose family ownership at Companies House, if you think that there are any that need to be added, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will update the list as necessary.

As they currently stand, the oldest family firms in the South West are listed below:

The Oldest Family Firms In The South West

  1. RJ Balson & Son, Butchers (1515)
  2. GA Baker & Son, Jewellers (1741)
  3. Stewarts Garden Centres, Gardening (1742)
  4. Bradfords Building Supplies, Builders Merchants (1770)
  5. Hall & Woodhouse, Brewers (1777)
  6. Palmers Brewery, Brewery (1794)
  7. Waite & Sons, Jewellers (1804)
  8. Alfred Smith & Sons, Furniture Retailers (1811)
  9. W Carter & Son, Jewellers (1817)
  10. Charles Hart, Jewellers (1820)
  11. Ridgways Shoes, Retailers (1820)
  12. N.R. Stoate & Sons, Flour Millers (1832)
  13. AJ & RG Barber Ltd, Cheese Producers (1833)
  14. J Gliddon & Sons Ltd, Hardware Shop (1833)
  15. Dawsons Steeplejacks, Steeplejacks (1837)
  16. HF Stiles & Son Ltd, Wholesale Meat Suppliers (1840)
  17. Thomas Davis, Funeral Directors (1840)
  18. Walter C Parsons Group, Funeral Directors (1842)
  19. Arkells, Brewery (1843)
  20. T Wicks & Son, Removals & Haulage (1845)
  21. Deacon & Son, Jewellers (1848)
  22. St Austell Brewery, Brewery (1851)
  23. Dike & Son, Convenience Stores (1851)
  24. Watts Group, Diversified Group (1851)
  25. George Bence & Sons, Building Supplies (1854)
  26. FJ Luxton & Son, Funeral Directors (1855)
  27. Burnell Tovey, Funeral Directors (1860)
  28. Gardiner Bros, Shoe Retailers (1860)
  29. Warrens Bakery, Bakers (1860)
  30. J&A Gibbins, Butchers (1860)

Featured Oldest Family Businesses In The South West

1794 – Palmers Brewery

In 1794, Dorset rope and net makers – the Grundy family – built the Old Brewery on the banks of the River Brit in Bridport.  Since then, there’s been non-stop brewing on this site.  Generations of Palmers have kept the brews bubbling!  In the late 19th century, two Palmers brothers…

1515 – RJ Balson & Son Ltd

It began in 1515, just six years into the reign of Henry VIII. The same year Anne of Cleeves, Henry’s fourth wife, was born in Cleeves, Germany and Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, was made a cardinal. This was the year before the first published account of the discovery of…

1711 – Brakspear

1741 – Cotswold Fine Jewellery Company

Based in the West Country, Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group can trace its origins in the jewellery business back as far as 1741, making it one of the longest established firms in the South of England. The company currently operates high street stores in Cheltenham, Beaconsfield, Marlborough, Gloucester, Bath, Bourton on…

1742 – Stewarts Garden Centres

1770 – Bradfords Building Supplies

1777 – Hall & Woodhouse