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18th June 2018 Paul Andrews

Take five minutes to add your voice to our 2018 Family Business Survey.

Family Business United ('FBU') are looking for input from family businesses owners and directors across the UK to share their thoughts and help us to determine the ongoing family business agenda.  Each year FBU undertakes a survey to understand better the prevailing challenges facing family firms and the results are important in determining the resources we develop, articles we publish and the events that we organise.

In association with the family business team at Mazars, we are looking to gauge the opinion of the family business nation.  As Paul Andrews, Founder and Managing Director of FBU says, "It only takes around five minutes to complete yet the survey is incredibly powerful as a tool and useful to help drive our family business agenda, helping create the right resources to help family firms deal with the challenges that they are currently facing.  In addition, the results help provide important data for the media to help us dispel the myths that still surround the family business sector today."

Please share your thoughts by taking the survey here


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