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Best Known Funeral Director In Scotland Set For Keynote

5th March 2015 Paul Andrews

Dom Maguire from family firm, Anderson Maguire, agrees to speak at Scottish National Family Business Conference.

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors was founded in 1982 by Dominic Maguire.  It is one of the top three independent family run funeral directors in Scotland  with eleven branches throughout Glasgow and a head office in Hamilton Street, Glasgow.  

Throughout its 30 years in operation, it has remained steadfastly independent, family owned and run business.  We have a staff culture of providing a caring and compassionate service to the people of Glasgow which has led to us growing the business over the years.  We continually invest in our people, premises and facilities to ensure that we provide the best possible service.  The core value of every decision we make is for the betterment of the families in our care.

Family Business United is delighted to announce thar Dom Maguire has agreed to be a speaker for our flagship event in Scotland, The Scottish Family Business Conference, an event that will bring Scottish Family Business Week 2015 to a formal close.

Dom Maguire’s interest in the funeral business was sparked at a young age when he used to help in his local funeral directors after school.  He saw from a young age what was a good funeral and what was not so good (in terms of delivering exceptional standards of service and having an abundance of empathy in dealing with bereaved families).

Following his years in London, where he learned the ropes of the business and achieved the qualifications needed, Dom established the first Anderson Maguire Funeral Parlour in Mount Florida in 1982.  Since that time, Dom has led the way in funeral service provision and is extremely well respected by his peers and his competitors in setting the standard on how to deliver a funeral for all faiths and none.  He was the first Scottish based Funeral Director to advertise on TV and radio.

Dom is passionate about staff training and he encourages all staff to achieve the professional qualifications of the industry lead bodies and has created an in-house training and development pathway in excellent customer service.e.  The company has also achieved Investor in People accreditation and are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and are members of the British Institute of Embalmers. Anderson Maguire are also members, by invitation, of Selected International Funeral Homes.  This is an international organisation whose members are considered to be the elite funeral directors in any geographical area and are the only Glasgow members

Dom Maguire, is a well respected commentator on the funeral service industry and as well as being a former President of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), the only second Scottish based Funeral Director to have held such high office,  he has also been the PR officer for NAFD since 1999.  He was the inaugural President in Scotland of the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) and serves on the Cross-party Parliamentary Group on Funerals and Bereavement at Holyrood.  In the past, Dom has been a member of various Government committees which have advised on the contingency planning cope with serious multi-fatalities and/or epidemics.

Not only does Dom look after staff who have come to work with him, Dom also has a policy of extending a helping hand to his employees and their families and as well as his own family being an integral part of the business, Anderson Maguire has a number of staff members working for them who are fathers and sons, mothers and sons and in-laws.  

Dom Maguire has also been instrumental in forming the Anderson Maguire Foundation.  Dom heads a corporate social responsibility committee within the company to identify and support worthy causes within the communities Anderson Maguire operates in.  This committee meets on a monthly basis and in the past few years, the Anderson Maguire Foundation has sponsored local school football teams, school children going to Malawi to build educational facilities, an annual local bowling tournaments, Yorkhill Hospital ENT department and many other worthy causes.

In 2009, Anderson Maguire received an award for outstanding service from Glasgow’s Asian Community and has been recognised by Funeral Planning Services (A leading national funeral plan provider), for outstanding customer care.

Dom has been a trailblazer for how the funeral service industry operated in Glasgow and has set the standard over the past 30 years and we are delighted to have him involved in The Scottish Family Business Conference in November.  To find out more about the events planned and to book tickets for the events please visit the bespoke Scottish Family Business Week website here.

Dom Maguire has also given many hours of his spare time to help those with dependency issues (alcohol and drugs), by offering guidance and support to those who have found themselves in this position and has been influential in helping these people find a new path in life.

Dom also voluntarily assisted at the Sumburgh air crash, the Lockerbie air tragedy and the Cecil Angola shipping disaster and has attended a number of other multi-fatality situations throughout Scotland.

Dom is, without question, the best known Funeral Director in Scotland. In 2013, Dom won the accolade for Outstanding Achievement in The Herald Family Business Awards.  We are delighted that Dom will be delivering a keynote speech in Edinburgh in November.

Find out more and book tickets to hear Dom and a great line up of family business speakers here



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