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Global Importance Of Family Firms

2nd January 2020 Paul Andrews

Take a look at how important family firms are to nations around the globe.

Family businesses are the backbone of economies around the world, employing millions of people, generating billions in revenues and providing support to communities too.  Far from being small organisations, these family firms represent THE significant sector for these countries and deserve all the recognition that they get.  To support the sector, and demonstrate their importance, we are collating data, research and other findings, as well as commissioning our own research, into the importance of the sector and you will find links to various pieces below.

If you have any data, research or lists that you would like us to include then please do get in touch using the contact form or by emailing so that we can show the world how important family firms are.

As Paul Andrews, Founder of Family Business United and global ambassador of the family business sector explains, "We know how important the family business sector is and until we can clearly dispel all of the myths associated with family firms the decision makers and influencers will not stand up and take notice.  Family businesses are not only economically important but are a real force for good and we truly believe they deserve all of the recognition they can get."

"As the numbers outline, family firms are not small and are clearly large employers and wealth creators and do stand the test of time too."


The World's Biggest Companies that are still Family Owned 2019 - Click here to see the 25 largest family-owned firms on the planet, according to the latest Global Family Business Index, compiled by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

The 21 Biggest Family-owned Businesses 2015 - Credit Suisse introduced the CS Global Family universe and here highlights the largest 21 family-owned companies in the world. Find out more here



The Scottish Family Business Top 100 2019 - The top 100 family firms in Scotland generate annual turnover of £21 billion and collectively employ more than 112,000 people.  Find out more and download the full report here

The UK Family Business Sector 2018-19 - The State of the Nation report into the UK family business sector produced by the IFB Research Foundation and Oxford Economics.  Access and download the full report here

The UK's Top 10 Family Firms 2018 - Analysis of the Sunday Times Fast Track Report - Check out the ten largest family firms in the UK here

Britain's Largest Family Firms 2017 - The top 25 family firms in the UK.  Find out more and access the full lis here



The Four Largest Family Firms in Australia 2015 - The Australian identifies the four largest Australian family businesses here

Australian Family Business Sector Statistics - Quantifying the importance of Austalian Family Firms.  Find out more and access the data from Family Business Australia here



The 20 Biggest Family Firms in Canada - Check out the largest family firms here



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