Goodman Jones

Paul Andrews

Goodman Jones  are proud partners of Family Business United.  Family businesses must continually balance treasured personal relationships with harsh commercial realities. We help you steer the right course between the two.  Running a business is complex enough. But a family business brings added – and often emotional – complications.

We help you manage not just the commercial demands, but also the unique personal dynamics, that affect the business you’ve worked hard to make a success.

Long-Term Perspective
We care about family businesses. Goodman Jones has been advising them for many decades: some have worked with us since the 1930s.

That means we understand what makes family businesses tick. We know that your priorities can be conflicting and the solutions you’re looking for aren’t always purely financial. And we take a long-term perspective when helping you to tackle the really big decisions.

We’ll work hard to make sure we understand your organisation, your goals and ambitions, and your family concerns.

More Than Financial Advice
We can help with the commercial aspects of your business such as financial and management reporting, structuring and ownership, corporate tax and succession. And we can advise on personal finance matters like wealth management and inheritance tax.

But for our family business clients, we’re much more than just a trusted business and financial adviser. We’re counsellors, mentors, an impartial sounding board and an empathetic ear. We’re a source of even-handed advice when you’re facing the difficult decisions that running a family business can throw at you.

We’re here to guide you through the sometimes contradictory demands of family and business. We’ll help you to stay focused on your strategic aims, reach the right decisions, and understand the consequences of what you decide to do.

Our advice is always independent, and tailored to your individual business and family priorities. And we’re highly responsive: you’ll have the input of our senior partners whenever you need it.

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