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The Four Pillars Of Capital

The tangible assets, business, properties, investments and intellectual property of a family which have quantifiable financial value. Full Article

Five Tips for Setting Up A Family Office

The skills needed to manage family wealth are very different from the entrepreneurial skills needed to generate wealth in the first place. Here are so... Full Article

Baby Boomers Risking Inheritance?

Research carried out by Safestore has revealed that 31% of people aged 55 and over do not have a will and as a result, may be risking inheritance for ... Full Article

The Meaning Of Wealth In The 21st Century

What matters most to high net worth families is giving their wealth a purpose. Full Article

Family Office

The family office is a growing area of interest and something that is also relevant to the family business sector too.  Here you will find an array of articles on topics from philanthropy to wealth management, legal matters, investment and a whole lot more too.

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Should We Have A Family Office?

A family is likely to consider a number of alternatives before finally... Full Article

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Other Family Office News

Potential Investors Currently In The Dark

Current research has highlighted that 87% of us feel like we can afford to invest to help towards our retirement in the future but we don’t have enough knowledge to take the plunge. Read More

The New Family Office

Good insight into the emergence of the modern version of a traditional way of managing family wealth and the role of family offices. Read More

New Appointment At Trusted Family

Trusted Family appoints Wolfgang Hafenmayer as Head of Impact Advisory. Read More

Family Venture Philanthropist Lessons

Venture capital, philanthropy and family business are not mutually exclusive concepts. They all reflect the same entrepreneurial values of long-term investment, personal commitment, building teams and thinking outside the box. Read More

The Zuckerberg Effect On Family Firms

Mark Zuckerberg announcing plans to give away shares in facebook could indirectly have an impact on succession in family firms. Read More

The Next Decade Of Wealth

In the coming decade, it will be increasingly important to segment and understand the wealthy at a more detailed level. Read More