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Classic Cars – THE Best Collectible Asset?

Taking a look at the classic car sector as a collectible asset type and why they have become such desirable items for collectors. Full Article

The Art Of Investing In Art!

Despite spending more years in the industry than I care to admit, I do realise that financial investments are peculiar animals.  Is there an art ... Full Article

Investing In A Superyacht

Preparing Families and Family Offices for the superyacht ownership lifecycle, Simon Cardiff subjects superyacht management to some business discipline... Full Article

Why Hollywood Is Hungry For Rare Diamonds

Celebrities buy big rocks for show, but they are also betting on a predicted jump in the value of rare diamonds. Full Article


Investments are an important part of the role of many Family Offices and we have brought together a selection of articles and insights from leading experts.  

Gold's Allure As An Investment In Asia

Gold as an investment is critical to Asia and it is continually evolvi... Full Article

Social Investment Will Be Good For Charities...

Charities need to consider the risks before signing up. Full Article

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Selecting The Best Insurer For An Art Collection

A white paper that examines the key considerations in selecting the best insurance coverage for a family’s valuable art assets. Read More

Classic Car Performance Boosts Luxury Investment Index

Classic cars have shown the strongest growth across all asset classes. Read More

Art Insurance: Some Vital Tips to Protect Your Art

Some tips to be sure your art collection is properly protected in case of theft, damage or any other unforeseen incident Read More

Tokyo's Winning Bid To Secure Japanese Growth

Tokyo's successful bid for the 2020 Olympics, and the likely effects for the Japanese economy Read More

Gold's Allure As An Investment In Asia

Gold as an investment is critical to Asia and it is continually evolving too... Read More

Increasing Investment Appeal Of Istanbul Property Market

More accessible places to live, after a landmark new rail link connecting the European and Asian sides of the city nears completion Read More