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Bequeath Your Wealth The Way You Want To!

Make sure you plan so your estate ends up in the right hands! Full Article

Conserving Art for Your Future

Investing in art continues at a rapid pace but there is a need to be aware of conservation to preserve the investment too. Full Article

Family Foundations Tackle Rising Need

Family foundations are diverting resources to help tackle increasing societal need, caused by spending cuts and the effects of the recession... Full Article

Making More Of The London 2012 Legacy

Sport as a charitable purpose and the role family businesses can play in helping deliver the London 2012 legacy. Full Article


Family businesses are by their very nature giving in terms of time, resource and money in many cases.  Not only do they have a large impact on the communities in which they operate, they also have a greater reach in terms of their philanthropic endeavours globally.

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Giving By US Family Foundations

America's family foundations contributed more than $20 billion in 2010... Full Article

Key Challenges

Social Investment Will Be Good For Charities...

Charities need to consider the risks before signing up. Full Article

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