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People As Catalysts For Business Growth

10th October 2017 Paul Andrews

At any stage of growth in the family firm it's important the people in the organisation are drvien, motivated and highly skilled so they encourage and support the growth of the business.

FBU members Emphasis HR & Training have identified ten key steps to ensure that there is alignment between the people in the business and the overall grwoth plans.

Ensuring the right people are in the right roles is the first step in improving your business performance.  A clear job description, outlined responsibilities and access to training and support will help them to reach their full potential and benefit your business.

As much as people can catalyse growth, they can also inhibit it, even if not intentionally.  Identifying underperforming individuals and diagnosing issues in the early stages of your family business strategy will help the business improve and work towards continued growth.  

Whether you've identified a problem and are looking to manage an indivudal HR project or are looking to develop a long term strategy, these ten steps should be invaluable in helping address the challenges faced and move towards sustained growth through your people:

  1. Develop your strategy
  2. Put the right people in the right roles
  3. Target, measure and review your key performance indicators
  4. Develop your people
  5. Reward and remuneration
  6. Introduce policies to share standards and keep compliant
  7. Recruit for growth
  8. Succession planning
  9. Train management skills
  10. Manage underperformance

A full guide has been prepared to explore these ten steps in more detail and you can dowload a copy here

For more information please visit the Emphasis website here


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