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Laying Down Boundaries For Family Firms

Address four key areas for a more secure family business future. Full Article

Process Of Creating A Family Constitution

A family constitution is a confidential family document outlining their vision and agreement on ownership and management of the business. So how do yo... Full Article


Developing an appropriate framework for the governance of the family firm is essential, from managing the family, the family involvement with the business, meetng the needs of working family members and non-family directors and employees and helping to develop responsible shareholders too.

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Examining Ownership Of The Asian Family Business...

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Key Challenges

The Last Challenge Of Family Business

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Ten Rules For Good Governance

Establishing a governance framework for your family business can improve business performance and help satisfy the expectations of all family members. Read More

Do We Need A Constitution?

A fgamily constiution provides a framework which helps family members reach agreement and resolve differences on key issues, promoting family unity and reducing the potential for disputes. Read More

Building On Shared Values

Sumeet Valrani believes businesses often underestimate the value of cooperation, particularly among the people within a company.  Read More

Shared Purpose In Family Firms

Shared purpose gets results for family owned Scottish Leather Group. Read More

The Changing Governance Landscape

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Clogs To Clogs - Constitutions & Disputes

Here we take a look at how some families in business use constitutions to make disputes or the dissipation of wealth less likely and help families to manage difficult situations. Read More