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Bolting The Stable Door

Family businesses often run on trust and informality and the High Court has recently afforded family firms some comfort. Full Article

For Richer, For Poorer...

Examining the challenges surrounding the role of pre-nuptial agreements. Full Article

Why Should You Have A Family Constitution?

Over time a Family Constitution can gain such moral weight that contradiction becomes unthinkable. Full Article

Difficult Conversations For Management

The hidden pressures that can make managing family businesses a challenge Full Article


Recognising roles and responsibilities, boundaries and terms of office are important in minimising the risk of disputes and conflict in the family firm.  Clear and considered communication helps to mitigate the risk.

Hot Topics

Conflict In The Family Firm...

Tackle conflict head on and learn to have a healthy fight! Full Article

Key Challenges

In-Laws & Influence In Family Businesses

In-laws hold a unique position in family businesses, having an impact ... Full Article

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Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Read More

Family Meetings: Communication Or Governance Tools?

Governance of the family business is a complex area and the role of family meetings needs to be clearly understood in the broader context of the family and the business. Read More

Next Generation Awarded £1 Million After Exclusion

Farmers' daughter excluded from family business awarded over £1 million demonstrating the need for communication and management of expectations as part of a succession planning process. Read More

Social Media Is Here To Stay

Ten tips to consider when building a social media presence for the family business. Read More

Can You Over-Communicate?

Lessons from J.M. Huber Corporation’s non-family CEO and Chairman considering whether or not you can over-communicate with your stakeholders. Read More

Barriers To Effective Communication

Paul Smith provides a thought-provoking piece underscoring that family business consulting is an exciting, demanding and very complex field. Read More