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Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Full Article

Generational Transitions In Family Businesses

Preparing to pass the business to the next generation is the toughest challenge for a family business. Full Article

Perpetuating The Family Business

The challenge is to do all that’s required to pass the company on to generation two... Full Article

The Succession Paradox

Succession in terms of business leadership confronts a family business founder with a complex set of issues. Full Article

Next Generation

Are the next generation sufficiently qualified to work in the family firm?  Do they want to?  Engaging with the next generation is essential if there is to be a family member at the helm in the future.

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The Very Model Of A Modern Education

With more international students from wealthy family firms heading to ... Full Article

Key Challenges

An Asian Perspective On Developing The Next Generation

An interesting and thought-provoking insight into Asian family busines... Full Article

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Preparing To Be At The Wheel

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The Thorny Issue of Succession - Sharing To Create A Legacy

To meet the last challenge of entrepreneurship successfully, a family business needs an active board of directors consisting of some external input. Read More

Motivating Children Of Means

Enagaging the next generation can be difficult enough as it is but is often compounded when they are independently wealthy.  How do you avoid affluenza? Read More

To Be, Or Not To Be The Next Generation Leader

Four questions younger family members should ask themselves before deciding on whether to enter the family firm. Read More

Raising A Sustainable Next Generation

So when it comes to financial acumen and responsibility how do you teach financial literacy to your next generation? Read More

Importance Of Outside Experience First

David Harland explains some of the benefits of having the next generation work outside of the family business for part of their career progression. Read More