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Gain access to all the 2023 Global Family Business Summit Sessions with our VIP access pass.

Our Global Family Business Summit returns for 2023 with a week long series of virtual events – webinars, interviews and insights on all manner of family business topics.

We are currently working on a detailed programme of sessions with some of the world’s leading consultants, academics and authors on a range of topics throughout the week, encouraging thought and conversation to continue to raise awareness of some of the unique issues facing the family business community, with ideas as to how these can be addressed.

Each year the Summit has grown in reach with participants joining sessions from all corners of the globe and we are expecting 2023 to be no different. As an organisation that continues to champion family firms globally, we do need to be commercial, and to that end are encouraging people to sign up for the VIP access pass in order to join us – a small contribution to support our ongoing family business endeavours.

Once registered for the VIP access pass we will share details of the full programme of events with a promo code to register and receive the event links to enable participation. There are two ways to register, either as an individual or as an organisation, the latter providing an opportunity for colleagues to join and learn throughout the week.

Alternatively, you are welcome to book tickets for individual events. Tickets for individual sessions will be released later in the year.


THE PROGRAMME (All times stated in UK GMT)

Monday October 30:

11.15am – Family Business Interview

2.00pm – The Truth About Succession

4.00pm – The Family Business Agenda – Challenges Facing Family Firms Today. Our panel includes Stuart Hatcher (Forsters LLP)


Tuesday October 31:

9.15am – The Chairman of a Family Business: An Evolving Role – John Harte, Integrity Governance

11.15am – Generation Z: Recruiting, Retaining & Motivating the Youngest Generation in the Workplace – Alex Atherton

2.00pm – Life After the Liquidity Event: Rethinking the Creation of a Single Family Office – Greg McCann, Torsten Pieper, and Jesus Casado, Generation6

4.00pm – Building Bridges Between Generations – Guillermo Salazar, Exaudi Consulting


Wednesday November 1:

9.15am – Emergency Board Plans for Family Firms

11.15am – Family Business Interview

4.00pm – Women in Family Business – Jean A. Santos, Business Consulting Resources, Inc.


Thursday November 2:

9.15am – Purpose and Values in Family Firms

2.00pm – Family Business Masterclass

4.00pm – Family Business Question Time


Friday November 3:

9.15am – Next Generation Panel Discussion

11.15am – Family Business Interview

4.00pm – Common Pitfalls for the Next Generation to Avoid


We look forward to welcoming you to the Global Family Business Summit 2023.

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