Self-Awareness Family Business Leadership In Turbulent Times

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Virtual family business workshop on being self-aware, making an impact and leading through turbulent times.

This workshop, in association with BlueSky Experiences will help family business individuals stepping into leadership roles and those already in leadership roles, to make a real impact, be more self-aware and to understand the impact of their communications and imapct on others. As leaders, it is important to know yourself and what really matters to you, keeping you true to your purpose and values. In family firms, it can be essential.

By really knowing yourself, and being aligned to your core purpose through periods of doubt and crisis will help build your resilience, support the development of clear paths and help you keep focused on what is important.

To be effective as a leader you need to be emotionally aware and honest with yourself, having that ‘inner talk’ whilst understanding how you see yourself, the impact you have on others, learn from your setbacks and make the necessary changes.

“Emotionally intelligent people and leaders are remembered for what they did, not what they do!”

This workshop will:

  • Help leaders improve their self-awareness using the Insights Discovery profile and language
  • Support the development of improved resilience
  • Improve communications with the ability to recognise, adapt and connect with others and your organisation
  • Improve creativity through improved collaboration
  • Introduce the importance of the leaders positive mood
  • Provide understanding of how stress impacts you in difficult times
  • Provide six concrete steps you can take right now to drive your business forward

On completing this workshop you will be provided with the following:

  • An Insight Discovery Personal Profile – Foundation & Management Chapter
  • Course slide deck
  • Six steps to leading through turbulent times job aid
  • Business challenge analysis card game

This workshop is being run by the team from BlueSky Experiences, a Scottish based family business where their purpose is to inspire, build, develop and reward individuals and teams with an innovative mix of dynamic and thought-provoking programmes, driven by their commitment to service excellence.

Spaces are limited so book early to secure yours.

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