We work hard to provide opportunities for family businesses to learn and network, sharing the knowledge that exists within our family business community.

All too often when speaking with family business owners there is an air of reluctance to admit that it can be lonely at the top of a family firm, and there is often a belief that they are in a unique situation that nobody else has been in before.

The good news is that although every family is different, the challenges facing family firms have been addressed by somebody else and one of the pleasures associated with running events for family businesses is that knowledge is shared and people can learn from the experience of others.

Education and knowledge sharing is important and an integral part of what we do.

A variety of events take place to provide learning opportunities including:

  • Flaqgship Conferences
  • Meet the Family Business Owner Visits and Insights
  • Factory Tours
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Family Business Question Time Events
  • Regional Networking Dinners with Keynote Speakers
  • Drinks Receptions
  • Partner Seminars on Family Business Challenges
  • Next Generation Peer Group Learning

Whilst many of the events actually take place in a specific location, we also host a number of webinars throughout the year as well as engage on social media with various twitter chats and reporting from events that we attend too.  To keep up to date with the full programme please check out the monthly calendar of events here

We also work with partners around the world to promote events that we feel add value to the community too.  If you are a professional advisory firm or academic institution running an event that you would like us to promote, or would like to work with us to put on an event, please do not hesitate to contact us.