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Bringing the family business community together

Jo Alexander

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Mackays Ltd

Following our heritage we make marmalades, preserves, curds and our special single farm conserves, the authentic way in Scotland. Full Article

Clews Homes Ltd

Like you, we recognise new technology can save energy, reduce running costs and improve the way you live. Combining energy-efficient insulation, secur... Full Article


Since its founding in 1932, Champagne Taittinger has evolved into one of the world's premier champagen houses. Full Article

Oldest Family Business

Family businesses exist all over the world and we have spent the past couple of years researching to identify as many of them as we can.  We are continually uncovering new gems and adding them to the lists so check back with us regularly to see some of the oldest family businesses in the world. Whilst every effort is taken to identify the oldest family firms, there are bound to be some which remain undiscovered so if you know of any that should be listed please let us know and we will be delighted to add them too!


Shirley Plantation

On a bluff overlooking the James River, Shirley Plantation offers stun... Full Article



In 1956, Linfox founder, Lindsay Fox, started Linfox with one truck in... Full Article

Oldest Businesses


C. Hoare & Co.
1672 - England

C. Hoare & Co. is the only independent survivor of the private deposit banks which were established in the 17th and ... Read More


Morning Foods
1675 - England

With Oat Milling expertise dating back to 1675, Morning Foods is Europe’s premier Oatmiller. Read More


James Lock & Co Ltd
1676 - England

A family owned business providing ladies and gentlemens quality headwear and a high standard of personal service develop... Read More


Toye & Co
1685 - England

Toye craftsmen have created exceptional identity products for civil and military markets since 1685. Read More


C.P.J. Field & Co. Ltd
1690 - England

C P J Field are proud of our long family history of providing funeral services, which stretches back more than three cen... Read More


Folkes Group Plc
1697 - England

Folkes Holdings, which has been under family control since 1697 and is now run by Constantine Folkes specialises in comm... Read More