Author : Jean Santos

A founding member of Business Consulting Resources, Jean manages the human resource and organizational development activities at BCR. Jean brings over 40 years of experience to Hawaii corporations and family owned enterprises in organizational development, strategic planning and market strategies, human resources, executive coaching, team building and leadership development. Jean is an expert in workplace behaviours and in job-to-skillset matching. She regularly assists clients in employee selection, team building, training and development, motivation and incentives, internal communication structures and conflict resolution. In BCR’s family business practice, Jean plays an active role in guiding BCR’s annual family business research which BCR has been conducting since 2017. In addition, Jean leads the firm’s efforts in creating and growing the Women Leaders In Family Enterprises organization which is a non-profit organization designed for women in family businesses who are currently in leadership positions or growing into leadership positions, to navigate the challenges, biases and preconceived notions that women must still manage through, even in family owned enterprises.