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Family Firm Plugs £2K Funding For Cerebral Palsy Babies

The Baby Buds group, run by Cerebral Palsy Scotland for babies up to two years old, meets every two weeks to bring families together to share their experience and expertise. They can meet others who are able to relate to their experience, which can reduce the isolation that some family members say they sometimes feel.

Baby Buds is funded by Global Radio until the end of March, which is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month – and although the charity has National Lottery funding applications pending, they faced a £2,000 funding gap for April and May.

Now Allied Vehicles, through its Charitable Trust, is giving CP Scotland the cash to plug the gap as they mark National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day on March 25th.

David Facenna, Allied Vehicles Corporate Culture Director, said CP Scotland was a “tremendously worthwhile” charity which the company had previously supported. “We’ve been impressed by the work CP Scotland does and a number of our staff – including myself and members of my team – have taken part in a couple of events to raise funds for them.”

“With over 100 children diagnosed with the condition every year, CP Scotland’s work is unrelenting.”

“They are a tremendously worthwhile charity and we’re delighted to support them by plugging their current funding gap.”

CP is a neurological condition caused by damage to the brain either before birth or during the child’s early development. Isla Campbell Lupton, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Cerebral Palsy Scotland, said: “We are very grateful to Allied Vehicles and the staff committee for providing vital funding to Cerebral Palsy Scotland’s Baby buds group for children up to two years old.”

“This fortnightly group is a place where families can come and get regular support from our specialist therapists to help develop their child’s movement and enable play, exploration and communication.”

“As well as providing babies with the early intervention therapy that is so important at this crucial developmental stage, it’s also a fun and relaxed group that allows families who might be feeling overwhelmed and isolated to come together, have a cup of tea and share their experiences.”

“We are really appreciative of the relationship that has developed between the wonderful staff team at Allied Vehicles and Cerebral Palsy Scotland; thank you to Allied Vehicles for your continuing support.”


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