England FamilyBizRoadTrip 2023 News

Getting Set For The Family Business Road Trip 2023

The team at Family Business United are delighted to say that the Family Business Road Trip 2023 will be taking place from April 24 to June 9 and visiting dozens of family firms across England in a car provided by family owned Hendy.

As Paul Andrews, Founder & CEO of Family Business United explains;  “This is a great event where we get to visit family businesses, to see what they do and where they do it and listen to the stories behind the business.  The sense of pride and passion for what they do is palpable at each and every visit and it is a real privilege to be let in and shown around.”

“Family firms are at the heart of what we do here at Family Business United and the Road Trip is now in its eighth year.  Each year we meet some fabulous businesses and 2023 is going to be no exception.  We cannot wait to get back on the road and put the family business sector on the map once again.”

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