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What’s On The Horizon For Family Businesses In 2023?

KPMG are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 15 March, 2023 that will provide candid insights from family business leaders and a horizon scanning workshop.

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Over half of UK family businesses have changed their succession plans as a result of the pandemic, and in the current economic climate, navigating new challenges needs fresh thinking. So, how can you prepare your business and your future leadership for the road ahead?

During the webinar there will be discussion about the latest thinking around succession and the transfer of leadership between generations together with sharing of learning and techniques for horizon scanning that will help prepare for the future.

Matthieu Leclercq will share how important it is to get your leadership transition right – by sharing his own experience stepping down as a leading sports retailer’s CEO and the challenges taking over his family’s business presented.

He’ll share how that has inspired his new venture, For Talents, which is dedicated to promoting successful transmission of leadership.
12:00 – 12:40 : In conversation with Matthieu Leclercq
12:40 – 12:50 : Preparing future Family Business leaders
12:50 – 13:15 : Horizon scanning workshop – techniques & tips
The webinar will conclude with an introduction to the new Family Business Leadership Academy as a solution to helping your leadership transition and the KPMG Learning team will deliver a short workshop activity on horizon scanning to give you practical tools to take from the session to prepare current and future leaders for the road ahead.

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