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London Family Lockdown Start Up Eyes Further Growth

League of the Lexicon was created to relieve the cabin fever of covid lockdowns. At home in London with his two young sons, the game’s creator Joshua Blackburn made language with his family so they could avoid doing English homework

A beautifully designed game which is ideal for language lovers, quiz fiends and the incurably curious, League of the Lexicon is becoming a word of mouth phenomenon in the UK with ardent fans including Susie Dent and Stephen Fry.

Lovers of Scrabble, Wordle and Banagrams now have a new wordy challenge to sink their teeth into – League of the Lexicon is the ultimate game about words and language where questions have been crowdsourced from world famous linguists, lexicographers and authors.

The game came to life when on a chance visit to Waterstones, Britain’s largest book-chain, the branch game buyer was shown a prototype. Six weeks later, and with the game still unfinished, Waterstones secured exclusive rights to sell the game in the UK and ordered 5,000 copies for Christmas.

With Waterstones on board, Two Brothers Games then launched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter; it was fully funded in five hours, and within three weeks had become the most successful word game in Kickstarter history. When the game arrived at Waterstones it was made Game of the Month and sold out in record time.

The game features 2,000 questions probing every corner of language, from definitions and archaic words, to etymology, usage, and language trivia. But this isn’t any old quiz game; the world’s finest linguists and lexicographers have contributed questions to the game, making it the ultimate test of wordly wisdom.

League of the Lexicon isn’t just smart ,it’s beautiful too, illustrated throughout by two outstanding artists. Stavros Damos has created the players’ character cards, the so-called ‘League of the Lexicon’, after whom the game is named; and Steve Noble has drawn the beautiful Artefacts earned by answering questions correctly.

Joshua Blackburn, the game’s creator, said: “The joy of League of the Lexicon isn’t just proving what you know, it’s finding out what you don’t. Until now, Scrabble has been the ultimate game for word lovers, but League of the Lexicon is a game about words, and there isn’t a game like it.”

League of the Lexicon is simple to learn but challenging to win. The game is for two to six players, but with six rule variations, it accommodates both solo play and large parties. And with two levels of difficulty, younger or less confident players can join in.

Beautifully designed with a sustainable heart, the packaging and contents have been made to the highest standards with FSC sustainable paper stock, there are no plastic components and a compact shipping-friendly box design.


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