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Bechtel Celebrates 125 Years In Business

Bechtel today unveiled its updated Vision, Values, and Commitments (VV&Cs), marking a pivotal moment for the company as it celebrates its 125th anniversary and honours a global legacy defined by iconic megaprojects that transformed industries, powered economies, connected communities, safeguarded national security, and supplied commodities essential to growth and progress.

As the company positions itself for the next era, the refresh to its VV&Cs reflects Bechtel’s continued evolution to help customers meet global challenges now and in the future.

“Our VV&Cs represent the company that Bechtel is today. We continue to adapt and innovate to deliver a brighter future. We’re investing in our people, growing our capabilities, working with new partners, hiring next-generation talent, and we’re focused on working with our customers to develop solutions that meet the world’s most pressing needs,” said Brendan Bechtel, Chairman and CEO.

The updated VV&Cs, developed with direct input from thousands of colleagues, unite a global workforce around the vision, “Extraordinary people building inspiring projects,” supported by five core values: we live for a challenge, we do the right thing, we take care of each other, we succeed together, and we build trust.

“Global companies operate in a world that’s never been more complex, which makes it even more critical that we’re able to state our values clearly and simply,” said Brendan Bechtel.

Accompanying the VV&Cs, Bechtel also unveiled a new visual identity, including a new logo – the first substantive update to the company’s logo since 1947. Sharper, modern, and more dynamic, it reflects who the company has become. At the same time, its shape, colour and profile are familiar, honouring the company’s legacy.

In a letter released this morning, Brendan Bechtel said, “No one working with my great-great-grandfather in 1898 could have possibly imagined what Bechtel would become over these past 125 years, nor can we predict the next 125 years. But this we can say with confidence: We’ve been making history for 125 years, and we’re just getting started.”

The year-long celebration kicked off on February 1, 2023, at an internal event where company leaders first shared the updated VV&Cs and visual identity with thousands of colleagues who gathered around the world to celebrate together.

The celebration will culminate in the autumn with the relocation and re-opening of the historic “WaaTeeKaa” rail car at the company’s Reston headquarters. WaaTeeKaa served as a traveling home for the Bechtel family in the years following the company’s founding in 1898. The full-size replica of the rail car will house an exhibit on Bechtel’s history up to the present day.

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