Scottish Family Business Day 2023

Here at Family Business United (‘FBU’) we are delighted to champion the family business sector throughout the year, but each year we also host a national day, bringing the Scottish family business community together to celebrate as one the impact that they have.

2022 was by no means a normal year and with so much uncertainty and implications for business created by the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine and ongoing political and economic disruption here in the UK, never has there been a time better suited to bring everyone together across the country to celebrate the role that family firms play.

Scottish Business Day is a great way for the community to work as one voice in raising the profile of the sector, showcasing the diversity of family firms, the history and heritage that are the very essence of family firms and to highlight the continued innovation, investment and entrepreneurship demonstrated by family businesses, young and old, to remain relevant as a business today.

With around 300,000 family firms in Scotland employing around 1 million people, we truly believe that the family business sector is one that deserves to be celebrated and we look forward to engaging with you this year as we seek to put family firms on the map.

Scottish Family Business Day is now in its ninth year and we are looking forward to creating more noise than ever before and have created a campaign pack to help you get the most out of your involvement.

Included within the campaign pack are plenty of ideas for you to be part of something special. Social media posts, marketing banners, news story to customise plus other ideas as to how to get involved. And if you use the hashtag (#ScottishFamilyBizDay) in any social media posts we will endeavour to interact and share too.

We do make the campaign available on a complimentary basis but if you would like to make a donation to help support our endeavours (and are not already a member) it would be appreciated.

We will be publishing statistics, insights and news stories throughout the day too so there will be plenty of noise on social media and we look forward to an active and engaging day as always!

The team at FBU are on hand to help so please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way.

We look forward to engaging and celebrating the family business sector with you on February 3.

Find out more and order your Scottish Family Business Day campaign pack here

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