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Understanding Generation Z & The Impact On Family Firms

Generation Z will represent 30% of the global workforce by 2030 and their drivers, aspirations and career choices are influenced factors that have never been seen by a generation of employees. Their values are different, their perceptions on what they want and aspire for are different and consequently the approach of family firms to attracting, recruiting and retaining staff needs to be different too.

In this webinar, as part of the 2022 Global Family Business Summit, Paul Andrews spoke to Alex Atherton, himself a previous head teacher in various schools where the pupils comprised Generation Z, to understand some of the pressures and influence on this generation and what they are bringing to the work environment, and what drives some of their decisions too.

A great session and a topic that needs to be seriously considered by family business employers as they continue to engage in the war for talent. The good news is that with their long term view, stewardship of the family firm for future generation and inherently built in values of honesty, trust and integrity, family businesses are well placed to adapt and thrive.

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