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Support Family Businesses This Festive Season

All across the UK businesses are facing difficult challenges on a daily basis, and with the increase in interest rates and ongoing political and economic uncertainty on critical business areas such as energy costs and supply chains it looks as though we are entering stormy waters with little clarity on how long these times will last.

Family firms are the engine room of the economy and fully uphold the very British mantra of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ but that alone is sadly not going to be enough for some who have been living through challenging times for a number of years now and need to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Family firms do take the long term view and tend to be cautious in their approach which for many will be of benefit during these challenging times, whilst others will continue to innovate and adapt to the conditions in order to weather the storm.

Family firms across the UK are also entrenched in their local place of work, with PLACE meaning so much to so many of them.  Communities have been built up around family businesses and as the businesses have grown over generations, the community has become integral to the business too, a relationship that all too often can be forgotten.

For many of us, interest rates are moving into uncharted territory and with the other challenges associated with running a business, many business owners are concerned as to their future.  Unprecedented levels of stress and concern are causing sleepless nights and undoubtedly family businesses need our support now more than ever.

With around 6 million family firms across the UK, many of which are household names, there are plenty of opportunities to support a family firm – the local post office that has been in a family for generations, the bakery, the garden centre, the local pub, the independent restaurant, and many others.  As we move towards the festive season, many of these family businesses will be delighted to receive support from the local community and this year more than ever many of them will need it to help see them through what will undoubtedly for many be a challenging and worrying time.

Give your local family businesses your support this year and hopefully help them to continue to thrive and remain a local family business for generations to come.

As always, Family Business United is here to help and we are launching our festive campaign to support family businesses as we have done in previous years.  The ‘support family business‘ campaign is now live and a marketing campaign pack has been created that is available free of charge for anyone that wants it.

To receive your complimentary campaign pack complete the simple form below and the pack will be forwarded to you (each pack includes a news release and social media banners to take part in the campaign).  All participating organisations are encouraged to use the hashtag #SupportFamilyBusiness in order to follow, engage and support each other.

Complete the form below to receive your marketing campaign pack:



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