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Vanzone Hogging The Road To Success

August marks the 5th year anniversary of Welsh van leasing and sales company, Vanzone, and has turned £30m in the last financial year.

Starting off with just the two founding members, Vanzone now boasts a team of 25, leasing and selling vans across the United Kingdom.

Despite the pandemic and contrary to competitors, their business model has thrived under the pressures of COVID-19 where they’re now starting to dominate the van leasing and sales industry.

Senior Spokesperson for Vanzone says; “Though the scale and capabilities of Vanzone have changed dramatically over our first five-years in business, the ideas and beliefs of how we should operate have always stayed the same.”

“Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing; the van industry can often be tainted with deceit and a lack of trust. It’s always been Vanzone’s goal to restore that trust, providing full transparency with everything we do. I think our success is a testament to keeping that central to our operation.”

Vanzone started with the two founders buying and selling part exchanged vans in their spare time, which then snowballed into selling new vans. Leaving their main jobs in the same industry, they were able to make this full time with the idea that customer experience and staff wellbeing should be prioritised.

Senior Spokesperson discusses success through the pandemic: “The initial lockdown was tough for everyone, but furlough helped us and we managed to avoid layoffs. Once the first restrictions were lifted it was a case of beating our competitors to the punch.”

“We decided to open part time to test the waters. This only lasted a week before having to open full time again due enquiries going through the roof as there was nowhere else for people to go. That’s when our standard of service kicked in and the rest took care of itself.”

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