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Gebruder Weiss Continues Focus On Developing Future Employees

Gebrüder Weiss continues to focus on developing future employees from within and has again increased the number of trainees.

Ninety-Five young men and women will embark on their apprenticeship at the international logistics company in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  More are to follow as Gebrüder Weiss intends to fill a further 20 apprenticeship spots in Austria and Germany during the 2022/23 training year.

“It is possible at several locations to start an apprenticeship also during the year. We believe it is important and that it pays to take a flexible approach to recruitment and to consider the personal circumstances of each individual applicant,” says Monika Mandl, Head of Human Resources Development at Gebrüder Weiss.

Last year saw the company fill numerous apprenticeship spots at a later point. Gebrüder Weiss currently has a total of 262 apprentices at 37 locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, with a further 18 young people also undergoing dual training in Serbia and Hungary.

Trained to stay
The vast majority of apprentices will be taken on once they have completed their training. And that’s the whole point, which is why Gebrüder Weiss attaches so much importance to the quality of the training and to providing as much support as possible to the newcomers. This approach is one that pays dividends, as demonstrated by the company winning this year’s Austrian State Championships of Professions “AustrianSkills” in the category “Freight forwarding agent”.

At a number of Austrian locations, Gebrüder Weiss offers an abridged course of training within the Dual Academy targeting high-school graduates and career changers with a high-school diploma (Matura). This way, the apprenticeship to become a freight forwarding agent can be completed in two years instead of three, and it also includes some attractive options such as an internship abroad.

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