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The Family Brewers Of Britain

From the oldest to the new….
With this title, The Family Brewers of Britain, you will be introduced to each of the family breweries and will be given a detailed tour of their history, accomplishments and operations. You will learn how they have worked to transform the landscape and towns with which they have close ties. You will see how they continue to work within an explosion of small breweries and the competition of great homogenous corporations. And you will find that although their world has altered beyond measure, they are still a family operation at heart.

Tradition & Heritage
The family brewers have not been passive observers of social change over the past 300 years. They have been at the cutting edge of profound changes in the demand for beer and the way it’s produced. In more recent times, family brewers have withstood attempts to buy them and close them, have seen off the challenge of keg beer and fake lager, and now embrace the exciting new styles of beer sought by drinkers both young and old.

Some of the brewers in this book were participants in the great porter revolution of the 18th century that led to the rise of the mass market in beer.

A century later, brewers grasped new technologies in malting and beer-making to fashion the world’s first pale ales, several decades ahead of golden lager in central Europe.

Quintessentially British
The need for reform has become critical as the global and national brewers tighten their grip on the off-trade. Marston’s says its merger with Carlsberg will double its sales to the off-trade, meaning less room on supermarket shelves for smaller brewers. The family brewers, however, have survived and overcome many challenges over the past three centuries, including Spanish Flu in 1918 and Coronavirus in 2020, and will use their best endeavours to keep the beer flag flying for the future.

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